Dr. Sadhana Shah- The Chef & Community Servant

Sadhana Shah

Dr. Sadhana Shah has been in practice over 20 years has been combining her medical talent with her gifted artistic and culinary ability in her medical practice in Palm Harbor. In recent years, she has begun to focus her love of cooking into creating her own healthy recipes and multicultural dishes that offer patients healthy alternatives to eating the same old foods but with a healthy twist. She has created her own spice line starting with her own special blend of curry powder and special healthy eating receipt book. She is currently working on launching “Cooking with the Doctor” web TV program that will bring alive her own special receipts. The program features other physicians who share their own special receipts and creations that help address the various medical diseases i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, by way of healthy cooking.

Dr. Shah is on GWUA university board and serves as a there special event director for scholarshipand fund raising; where she helped established the first International Curry Festival.