Natural Hormone Replacement -
Biomedical Treatment


Are you tired? Low sex drive? Do you need help keeping the weight off? You may need hormone replacements. We offer a complete hormonal screening to assess whether you have hormonal deficiencies.


Bio-identical Hormone replacement is the probable cure for all disease processes that are due to aging. Aging we can’t stop, but the effects of aging can certainly be slowed.


As we age, we get a gradual decrease in hormone levels beginning as early as the late 20′s and early 30′s. We’re not just talking about our sex hormones (these certainly drop the most) but about the hormones that are responsible for the regulation of our tissues, have effect on our brains, heart, and sexual organs. These hormones include cortisol, DHEA, Thyroid, Insulin, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and Growth Hormone.


We can’t make you 30 again but, we can strive to get you back to the hormonal balance of a 30 year old, reviving the energy levels, correcting medical problems that lead to early demise, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cardiac disease just to name a few. (See Sex Clinic)